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The Paupers' Grave [ADVENTURE SITE]

The massed ranks of ignoble dead. Few arrayed with some small ceremony, the rest piled together and sealed away - the unfortunate victims of some ancient and virulent plague. This tomb or barrow mound is the grim resting place of several dozen members of a pilgrim sect.

The disease that claimed them has long-since disappeared, but the dessicated corpses that line hundreds of niches along every wall show signs of an intense leprosy.

The pilgrims here worshipped a God-Thing of Rain, Dodola. The Tomb has its own weather system and it is always drizzling. Each turn, 2-in-6 chance of weather change. Roll 1d6…

  1. Drizzle (torches burn half as long).

  2. Drizzle (torches burn half as long).

  3. Hard Rain (torches won't light at all)

  4. Unbearable Heat and Humidity (hard to do anything; -2 to attack and damage rolls).

  5. Thunder (all but the loudest sounds are inaudible; anyone wearing metal armor has a2-in-6 chance per turn of being struck by lightning for 1d10 damage).

  6. Heavy Fog (vision obscured beyond 15').

Tomb Door: Rough stones, hastily bricked up, mortared shut with lyme and ash.

Area One: Hallway

  • Soaking wet air, water sloshing. Everything is mouldy.

  • Burial niches filled with 3d6 dessicated corpses, given hasty last rites. Limbs missing, flesh eroded. Each has a pair of copper coins covering their eyes.

  • Removing coins causes the dead to twitch and emit a low moan, then lie still before rising as a Skeleton after 1 round.

Area Two: Mass Crypt

  • A skeleton, The Last Abbess of the pilgrim sect, rests cross-legged against the far wall. It holds a silver dagger in one bony hand and a gold coin in the other. Other gold coin rests on one eye. The Abbess wears a Silver Brooch (worth 40 gp) depicting a raincloud over plowed fields pinned to its rotten smock.

  • Burial niches. 2d6 + 4 bodies horribly afflicted with plague. Coins on their eyes. Missing limbs.

Area Three: Abbess' Grave

  • The second Abbess. Body in an open stone casket, blessed in death by Dodola. Completely overgrown by beautiful plants and vines, rotten clothes replaced by a dress of reeds and rushes. Clutching a Censer made from a cow’s skull and engraved with Dodola’s scripture. While lit, the wearer can use it, and the holy Psalm from Area Five to pacify the Living Statue in Area 6.

Area Four: Rotten limb pile, unfinished burial niches.

  • Stuck door. Rotten timber and iron bands.

  • Pile of bloated, moldering limbs. Separated from their owners who received rites or rest, so animate. Use stats as Swarm of Rats with Undead characteristics. Jar filled with remaining unused coins. Roll Treasure J.

Area Five: Mass Crypt

  • Huddled corpses interred before death around the ancient remains of a fire.

  • 4d6 corpses in burial niches around the walls.

  • Stories of the Rain God-thing Dodola chiseled into the walls, along with the following psalm in the Tongue of LAW.

Naša dodo Boga moli,

Our dodo prays to God,

Da orosi sitna kiša,

To drizzle a little rain,

Oj, dodo, oj dodole!

Oh, dodo, oh dodole!

Mi idemo preko sela,

We're going across the village,

A kišica preko polja,

And the rain across the field,

Oj, dodo, oj, dodole!

Oh, dodo, oh, dodole!

Area Six: Rain God-Thing (Dodola) Shrine.

  • The Idol - a 7' tall carving of Dodola as a warrior woman in a long grass skirt carrying a shield and spear. Creating the bizarre weather. Around her neck is a garland of flowers wrought from silver, platinum, and mithril (worth 1,800 gp). Attempting to remove it without first chanting the Psalm from Area Five while burning the Censer from Area Three prompts the Statue of Dodola to spring to life. Stats as Living Statue but also casts Lightning Bolt on her turn (2-in-6 chance)

  • 2d4 + 2 Bloated water zombies genuflect at the statue. If offered coins, they will take them and climb into burial niches around the wall.

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