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[Adventure Site] The Hunting Hall of Kasmira Velenko

Updated: Mar 7

The final resting place of Lady Kasmira Velenko, a renowned huntress. Within, the single-level tomb is partially paneled in the dark wood from her hunting lodge. Taxidermied heads of elk, bears, wolves, goblins, ogres, giant catfish, buffalo, groupers, sharks, tigers, even a rhino, line the walls. Smells of formaldehyde and varnish.

Kasmira’s ghost carries a Silver Hunting Horn. When blown, it allows her to call forth the spirits of the animals she slew in life, which she now hunts for sport in death.

Entrance. A pair of heavy copper doors - coated in verdigris - bearing a bas relief of Kasmira standing tall, hair billowing behind her, staring out at an imagined quarry, her two hunting hounds at her side. The doors were sealed with wax and quicklime - recently cracked - open onto a set of stone steps.

Two locals, the Ghart Brothers, broke into the tomb a week ago, stealing the taxidermied Warp Beast from Kasmira's tomb in Area 11. The beast has since animated, killing one of the brothers, and now terrorises the local area. Only by destroying Kasmira's Silver Horn can she and all the reanimated beasts finally be put to rest.

The Hunt. Each turn there is a 1-in-6 chance Kasmira will emerge from her tomb (Area 11) to hunt. Kasmira blows a single long blast on the Silver Horn. All beast heads on the tomb's walls begin to roar, bleat and wail in unison as one of the rooms' animals come to life and another hunt begins.

Roll d6 to determine the beast(s) Kasmira hunts. All beasts have identical stats as in life, but the Undead immunity to charm and fear; in. They were clearly prepared by an expert taxidermist. You can barely see the stitching, hardly tell the empty glass orbs from real eyes.

  1. 3d6 + 2 Deer, Area 2 skittish, fearful - will scatter and flee in a blind panic

  2. 1d4 + 1 Dire Wolves, Area 9 purposeful, hunting Kasmira in a pack

  3. Cave Bear, Area 3 lumbering, snuffling, in search of food

  4. Titanothere, Area 5 Stampedes through to Room Area 8, where it disappears.

  5. Manticore, Area 8 Intelligent, but bickering with its many heads. Has a plan. Wants to make a deal to escape.

  6. Ur Boar, Area 1 Enraged, mindless

Kasmira (carries a +1 Bronze Spear, +2 against beasts, a recurve bow, and an ornate Silver Horn) emerges from Area 11 in d4 rounds. She wears furs, leather sandals, and moves in a bestial crouch. She is accompanied by her two ghostly hunting dogs. Together, they bring down the animal(s) that came to life and then return it to its place. Then, Kasmira locks the dogs back in Area 12 and returns to her tomb until the start of the next hunt.

Only destroying the Silver Horn prevents this cycle from repeating. If the beasts (or the PCs) slay Kasmira, her body crumbles to dust, leaving just an acrid patch of turpentine and decomposition. She rises again from Area 11 at the start of the next hunt.

Made using Watabou's One Page Dungeon Generator

Area 1: Entry Hall

  • Grand trophy heads (elk, deer, bears, a carrion crawler), adorn the walls, faded painting of Kasmira from floor to ceiling, spears and bows - all moth-eaten, pelts rotting away, wood crumbles to the touch.

  • Grandfather Boar, the size of an ogre, tusks still covered in dark blood, stands proudly beneath Kasmira’s painting. This is the beast that killed Kasmira. A long, gaping wound runs along its side; something glitters among the ruined fur (inside is the key to Area 5).

  • Keen eyes see there are scratches in the stonework and the impact marks of arrows. Even a stain that appears to be dried blood. Animal tracks in the dirt and dust

Area 2: Trophy Hall, Herbivores

  • A diorama of a flock of deer (3d6 + 2), staged as though drinking from a stream made from stained glass running through the south side of the room. False trees - carved in abstract from red wood - fill the space. The air smells like leaf mold and varnished pine.

  • If surprised (2-in-6), the deer appear alive, in motion, drinking from the glass stream. They freeze and return to their taxidermied form as soon as they detect intruders.

  • A mighty stag has a large bronze spear (+1, +2 against beasts, minimum STR 14 to wield) lodged through its chest. It doesn’t seem to mind.

Area 3: Trophy Hall, Cave Bear

  • A room finished to resemble a mountain cave, though the walls are also draped with winter garb and mountaineering equipment - everything Kasmira carried with her on her quest to hunt the great Ice Bear.

  • The Taxidermied Bear is reared back, frozen in a mighty roar. The air stinks of animal musk and turpentine.

Area 4: Library

  • Shelves filled with dozens of books have been cut into the stone walls. Each book contains copious, detailed notes on the behaviour, weaknesses, etc. of any animal or monster you can imagine.

  • Finding information on a creature’s weakness takes d6 + creature HD no. of turns. A successful INT check halves the time.

Area 5: Ivory Vault

  • Small, round room piled high with the valuable parts of Kasmira’s kills.

  • There is 3,500 gp worth of ivory, several motheaten tiger pelts, and a sheaf of Wyvern Hide (can be bound over a shield or used to make armor that halves fire damage and gives a +2 to Save vs Breath).

Area 6: Falconry Room

  • Hundreds upon hundreds of birds, hunters and hunted. Kites, hawks, falcons, eagles, doves, woodpigeons, tropical maquacs and arctic terns. All hooded with leather caps. Softly cooing and chirping to one another.

  • Removing the hood from a bird causes it to take immediate flight, possibly attacking the nearest person, before falling immediately to the ground, inanimate and stuffed.

Area 7: Fish Pool

  • Room with a large, deep pool in the centre containing 2d6 + 2 gigantic, bleached-white fish swimming in lazy circles, as well as hundreds of smaller fish.

  • At the bottom (12' down), light glints off thousand of silver arrowheads intermingled with bones and teeth. Roughly 4d8 x 100 sp worth of arrowheads in total.

Area 8: Trophy Display, Manticore

  • Taxidermied Manticore: Snarling, pacing, quills puffed up and wings spread. The beast’s eyes have been replaced by rubies worth 180 gp apiece. Its claws have been refashioned from obsidian. The walls here bear scratch marks, quill puncture holes, stains of ancient blood.

  • Murals: commemorating Kasmira’s hunt of the Manticore. Smells acidic, like bile and bleach.

Area 9: Trophy Room, Wolves

  • White Marble Room: resembles a snowfield, lined with wolf heads - black, white, grey, reddish brown, wolves with crystalline teeth and three eyes, with no eyes at all and fur intermingled with patches of scale. Every possible permutation of a wolf you can imagine.

  • Diorama of d4 + 1 giant dire wolves, stalking through a forest of abstract pale wood trees.

  • Only non-wolf on the wall is a swordfish, mounted slightly crooked. Straightening the fish opens the door to Area 10.

  • If there is no hunt active, there is a 2-in-6 chance kobolds are here dragging a giant, white carp back to their room. If the hunt is underway, the Kobolds are absent, leaving the white carp flopping inexplicably on the stone. Wet footprints lead towards the Hidden entrance to Area 10.

Area 10: Lure Room, Goblin Den

  • A band of 2d4 + 4 goblins have made camp here. The goblins have entered through a small tunnel dug down from outside (too small for a human, though a halfling could use it to reach the surface).

  • They have figured out how to open the secret door to this area (align the crooked swordfish) and sneak out to steal some of the fish to eat.

  • Walls covered in fishing lures and flies, many studded with jewels or worked in gold and platinum. Collectively worth 517 gp, 1,296 sp, and 842 cp.

Area 11: Kasmira’s Tomb

  • A grand room with wood paneled walls designed to look like a hunting lodge. Oil painting of a roaring fire. Unusually warm, stuffy. Animal pelts along all walls, the smell of fresh snow and sweat.

  • Empty Plinth. To the right, a large, empty plinth surrounded by wood carvings of tropical ferns, a mural depicting orchids, tropical birds; the deep jungle. This is where the Warp Beast once stood before being stolen by the Ghart Brothers.

  • Kasmira’s body inside a coffin made of ivory in the centre of the room. Her body is laid out with her Spear (+1, +2 against beasts), bow, and the Silver Horn.

  • Destroying the Silver Horn: ends the tomb’s curse. The animal remains all rapidly decompose, including the Warp Beast.

  • Taking the Horn: Kasmira still rises, and hunts down those who stole her precious horn with her dogs at her side. There is nowhere she will not find you.

Area 12: Hunting Dogs' Kennel

  • Two ghostly hunting dogs wait patiently for their Mistress to awaken. The floor is strewn with animal bones. Smells like ozone and meat, sounds like gristle tearing. The floor is covered in loose dog hair.

  • The two mummified remains of the dogs are inside a pair of clay statues flanking a similar statue of Kasmira.

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