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From the darkest depths of the forgotten corners of the moldiest reaches of the nooks of the crannies of a place you really shouldn't have been poking around in, THEY RISE!

I've been playing around with textures and freeform monster sketches on index cards and this is what's fallen out so far. The fun bit (and the bit I'm going to pretend is a feature, not a bug related to me being a shitty artist) is that I've shown these things to a handful of people and all of them have very different answers about what these creatures actually are.

The mutated, ambulatory organs of an evil giant, risen from its corpse? An evil mage's experiments gone awry? The resurrection of a long forgotten god of bone and blood and viscera?

Hope you enjoy them. They were also originally inspired by the creatures in Vasili Kaliman's Night Land pointcrawl, but I'd be wicked into hearing ideas for how you would stat these creatures, where they come from, and what sorts of awful abilities they might have.

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